Dt80 Box Room  


The separator distributes the material to the warehouse in a regular manner in order to provide a homogeneous mixture and a good blending of DT80 Box Room.

Conveyor belt drags the material with very low period towards to the spiked lattice and filled to the conveyor in to the silos. With the help of spiked lattice’s pins the material is transferred the casting band. That casting band dumps the material into the reservoir and via the fan transferred the other machines. The dust suction reservoirs suck the dust of storehouse and transferred to the other machines.

Mixing silos are produced in a various capacities, and used as two pieces which one is empty the other at the same time is continues the filling process. With the help of clacks first mixing silo is empty and the second mixing silo is start to feeding the line. So different colors and quality mixes can be process without stopped the line. There is an automatic feeding from mixing silo to the next machine.