B70 Dust Extraction  


With the establishment of rotor spinning, the elimination of dust from cotton has become more important. One of the main factors of economic production conditions is the elimination of micro dust and fiber particles in the cotton.

Each condenser and cleaner on the line has this function. But as dust extraction takes place on the outside of the fiber bunch, ideal cleaning takes place when maximum opening is reached. This point is reached at the very last phase of the cleaning process. For this final phase, a high performance dust extractor, the BALKAN Dust Extractor should be used.

The Dust Extractor does not only clean the cotton of dust, but also ensures the optimal feeding of the combs without altering the degree of opening. A conveying fan placed in the machine takes the material from the final cleaner and hurls it at great speed at the screen. The air-fiber mixture forms a thin layer of fiber on the screen with the help of side to side moving vanes, and falls onto a suction system. The inside of the screen is sucked off by an aspirator and the fiber is conveyed to the required location, while dust is sucked from the rear of the screen by another aspirator, thus away from the cotton.