B67 Willomat  


The BALKAN WILLOMAT machine comprises of Feeding Band, Progressive Cleaner, Condenser, Feeding Chamber, and Electric Panel with Timer. The Willomat is an ideal machine for opening and cleaning cotton weave waste.

The waste that is to be cleaned can be placed on the feeding band manually. The Feeding Band will carry the material to the progressive cleaner periodically, for a preset time. The progressive cleaner comprises of six beaters. Underneath five of the beaters, there are steel grids adjustable from the outside. The 3600 m3/h capacity Condenser takes the material from the top beater of the progressive cleaner, removes the dust, and returns it to the progressive cleaner. This process is repeated until the preset time relay stops it. The cleaning time and the grid settings can be adjusted to give the optimum result for the material being processed. After the end of the cleaning period, a third timer starts working. This relay sets the unloading, and controls the unloading valve. As a lot of waste material is generated during the cleaning process, it is sucked out by an aspirator placed underneath the progressive cleaner.