B20 Double Cylinder Opener  


Besides having a progressive cleaning effect for cotton containing a high degree of waste material, The BALKAN Double-Cylinder machine has also a high degree of opening capabilities at the start of the cleaning process. In Double-Cylinder the cleaning is done without holding the fibers, while they are the floating freely. The cleaning process is done by the interaction of the metal rods and the grids, and the moving air. Thus, cotton is cleaned of its roughage and opened, without being damaged. .As in all modern cleaning machinery, there is an automatic waste collection system.

The cotton outflow pipe has been placed higher than the inflow pipe in the machine. Thus, the air current floats the lighter cotton fibers, enabling the opened and cleaned cotton to leave the machine without being overbeaten. This avoids loss of good fiber ,napping and knotting. Bigger lumps of fiber get knotted, or fall between the grids. These are kept in the machine by an adjustable valve until they are separated into smaller clumps and cleaned of waste materials.

The cotton that reaches the holding cleaning point after Double-Cylinder is not only well opened, but is also the same overall size.