B10 Bale Opener  


The BALKAN BALE OPENER, besides having a superior opening and mixing performance, has also excellent cleaning properties for cotton with the help of the adjustable grid system under each of the two openers. For synthetic fibers, there is only one opener which executes the opening process without damaging the fibers. There is no need for cleaning with synthetics, the grid system has been omitted. The Bale openers, which can be manufactured in 1200mm, 1600mm and 2000mm widths, have a high capacity.

The material is placed on to the moving band in front of the Bale Opener. The band feeds the material to the storage chamber of the Bale Opener, which is controlled by a photocell, until it is full. The second band beneath the storage chamber starts moving on request, and the spiked band opens the material and moves it to the opening cylinders. The feed rate of the material from the spiked band can be increased or decreased with the use of a frequency controlled motor.

In order to avoid metal particules that might be mixed up with the material, and to protect other machinery on the line from damage, it is advisable to place a BALKAN Seporamat (heavy particle retainer) or a magnet at the exit point of the Bale Opener. If needed, the Bale Opener may be fed with a BALKAN Condenser, which is mounted on the Bale Opener, This enables pre-mixing with other kinds of fiber, prepared elsewhere.

Bale Openers can be manufactured with automatic waste collectors upon request.